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Program Testimonials

"Sensei Bill’s masterful instruction and expertise where integral in taking abstract concepts and making them more concrete through the practical application of aikido skills as a metaphor for life. Whether being assailed by an opponent or any number of life’s challenges, Bill continuously emphasized a centered and balanced approach paired with a mindset of focusing on what one can control versus circumstance beyond our control. Bill is the ultimate warrior-teacher.”


Mike Kenney

Executive Director – Warrior’s Ascent

US Army Special Forces Company Commander


“Are you looking to engage your employees to understand how challenges build resiliency? Bill speaks with passion and real life experiences.  This combination is captivating and empowering. Our organization was positively impacted by his presentation.”


Lucy DelSarto

TVH Americas - Health and Wellness Director

TCOY (Take Care Of You) - Owner / Author / Speaker / Coach / Facilitator


As a Martial Arts practitioner for over 55 years, I’ve experienced many styles and instructors.  I currently train with Sensei Bill Witthar at Shodan Solutions.  Bill teaches the traditional art of Aikido with an emphasis on real world situations.  More importantly, he teaches how to apply daily principles such as awareness, balance and techniques to center and focus on mental state.  This allows a person to maintain a calm mindset more consistently and helps them to navigate the world with a heightened sense of awareness.  These are invaluable skill sets for people - especially for those who work in high stress jobs like law enforcement, fire fighters, EMT/Paramedics, medical professionals etc. Sensei Witthar is part of a new generation of Aikido Instructors moving the Art of Aikido into the future.  I can recommend him highly, without any reservations.

Benny Goolsby

US Air Force Security Police Officer – Ret.

Municipal Civilian Police Officer - Ret.



Working with Sensei Bill has been a transformative experience. I believe his practice is very useful not only for sport but for life in general. Working with Bill has helped me see things from a different perspective, and it has ignited my journey to discovering myself and reaching my potential.


Jacob Robson

Outfielder Kansas City Monarchs Baseball 

2016 Draft pick - Detroit Tigers 


"You truly begin to understand the character of a person after a few years and he has always led by example. He provides acceptance and empowerment through the classes he teaches. He understands the value of connection with ourselves and our community and how to incorporate mindfulness, meditation, and breathwork into movement. He always displays respect, patience, and empathy."

"If you are looking for the opportunity to implement positive life changing skills in your everyday life, including but not limited to empowerment, connection, respect, honor, and pride then I highly recommend Bill Witthar for exceptional Aikido instruction! He will provide everyday skills so you can be the best version of yourself.”


Kerry Stewart

President MYKC (Mindfulness, Yoga, Knowledge, Community)

Electronic Warfare Systems Technician 

Us Air Force Gulf War Veteran


“I worked with Bill in a high paced, active and always changing environment.  He was always the first to step up, take control of the situation and fix any issues. His attention to detail and ability to adjust on the fly were imperative to the success of the different projects we were working on.”


David Pulford

Former General Manager, KC Branch - Fern Expositions

Vice-President, Board of Directors – KC Hospital Hill Run

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