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Its easy to get caught up in all the fear and confusion our world is faced with these days.

There is A LOT going on!

We have to remember to continually not give in to uncertainty and negativity.

We ALWAYS have the power to choose our thoughts and feelings.

Wayne Dyer said, "Contemplate upon what you want to be surrounded by".

It's so important to monitor your internal dialogue. What you are saying to yourself all the time? What thoughts your are "participating in" all day long? What are you wanting to surround yourself with? Those thoughts or feelings will eventually become your reality - good or bad.

Time is a finite gift we have on Earth - be careful how you're using it.

I know its easy to say these things and we've all heard all this stuff before;

Shodan is here and committed to helping you!

If you're struggling or have difficulties going on in your daily life - bringing yourself back to the basics will help. We need to constantly be vigilant and work for the quality of life we want to design. A good term to remember is a Japanese word: Shugyo = Daily Training

Shodan Solutions will help you define or find your own "basics" and guide your Shugyo

We'll help you find happiness, health and stability regardless of where you are currently at in life.

Here are some starters:

Ask yourself:

Where am I feeling a 'point of resistance'?

Where's my Center?

What's free besides that point of resistance?

Remind yourself:

Persistence of Efforts

Focus on the Goals

Clarity of Mind

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Updated: Aug 28, 2020

There has never been a time that Shodan Solutions has been more essential to our daily life. The ability to consciously and willingly SHIFT to a state of calm, clear perspective - confident, measured actions - and centered emotional compassion will provide us with greater balance and awareness in these challenging times.

Shodan Solutions will show you how to find the calm in the center of the storm.

Be safe, be aware and be kind.

-The art of peace is medicine for a sick world, it does not rely on weapons or brute force to succeed.

- Foster peace in your own life and then apply the Art to all that you encounter.

Morihei Ueshiba

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