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Will your Aikido work against a:
Brazilian Jiu-jitsu black belt?
Amateur or pro Boxer?
Olympic level wrestling expert?
Tae Kwon Do or Shotokan opponent? 

(The answer should be)
"My Aikido is effective against ANY physical attack from ANYONE"
  • How to develop stronger / appropriate timing. Timing is the hallmark of mastery in ANY endeavor especially in marital techniques.
  • Advanced applications & understanding of MA-AI & DE-AI. 
  • ​Instant ways to counterbalance physiological fight or flight. 
  • Pain DOES NOT equal effective execution of a technique.
  • Proper atemi DOES improve the odds of a successful technique.
  • How to apply the concepts of Suwari-Waza & Hanmi-Handachi.
  • The difference between kata & REAL aikido martial applications.
This is the Aikido Seminar you’ve not experienced before.
Take it from someone who has attended seminars from all kinds of teachers from all across the United States for over 35 years...I know what's out there.
Leave the hakama at home and be ready with questions…this is nothing like a traditional seminar.

This is a structured hour-by-hour, progressive plan outlined (sent to you prior to the seminar) exploring the aspects of how to TRANSFORM your Aikido training.
If you want to learn - if you want to grow - if you are dedicated to training...this is for you.
SINGLE DAY FEE - 8 hours
$3500 group minimum
(unlimited students) 

MULTI DAY - 12 hours
(Friday 2 hours / Saturday 8 hours / Sunday 2 hours)
$4000 group minimum
(unlimited students)
A little bit about me:
I started Aikido in 1988 training 3-4 times a week and still stay close to that schedule. For many years I traveled anywhere and everywhere to learn and absorb anything I could from all kinds of Aikido "Masters":
Yoshimitsu Yamada, Mitsunari Kanai, Seiichi Sugano, Gaku Homma, Hiroshi Ikeda just to name a few. I've also trained with most every 7th dan on the US Aikido Federation Technical Committee along with high ranking instructors at various other organizations.
I am currently ranked as a 5th dan and our dojo is affiliated with the Shimbokukai Aikido Organization. 
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