Owner / Director

Bill Witthar 

For over 30 years I’ve been involved in athletics, fitness, wellness, coaching and martial arts. High level achievement and peak performance has been my passion my entire adult life. Helping people work on personal development and together as a unified team is my dream, my purpose and my mission.

Because of the time and dedication my own martial arts training took I always felt if someone willingly devotes such a tremendous amount of their time and energy towards a specific goal – why not aspire to be the best at that goal you can be?  

The way you do anything is the way you do everything  – Tom Waits

I have owned several fitness focused business and worked with athletes of all calibers and ability levels. Whether it’s a beginner looking for specific levels of personal training - an athlete preparing for world class competitions or a Veteran looking for ways to find more balance - It’s the same goal for me – provide practical, efficient strategies for them to truly be the best they can be mentally, emotionally and physically.

Even when my life was presented with unique career opportunities in the corporate world where (I thought) I had very little experience – I found my training and experience was applicable. Promotion, recognition and reward appeared by applying practices related to Lean Management, Leadership, staff training and safety, Kaizen, 5s and Six Sigma philosophies.

Over the years I’ve been lucky to have many amazing teachers and mentors with vast expertise and have also completed massive amounts of research on my own.

I created Shodan Solutions by compiling and assimilating all those resources, knowledge and observations from three decades of experience and know it will help those who seek to improve and evolve.

Here’s to hoping we meet soon! – “Sensei Bill” 😊