Journey Of The Warrior 



Warriors, warriors we call ourselves.

We fight for splendid virtue, for high endeavor, for sublime wisdom, therefore we call ourselves warriors.

Aunguttara Nikaya

From the opening pages of Dan Millman's "Way Of The Peaceful Warrior"

The above quote is a great summary of what Journey of the Warrior is based on.

'Splendid virtue' - positive, intentional and goal driven creation of our daily lives.

'High endeavor'- finding the maximum level of accomplishment and happiness in our careers.

'Sublime wisdom' - using the knowledge and lessons from our life experiences to provide us peace.

First responders are under constant stress and can find it difficult to turn off their “fight or flight” response mode, even when in the comfort of their own homes. Research shows first responders are TWICE more likely to die by their own hand than those in other professions – and it’s believed that due to underreporting, the true suicide rate is actually much higher. 

Dr. Carrie Steiner

Journey of the Warrior is a program focused on providing tools for health, balance and wellness for Veterans and First Responders. 

We teach the tools and skill sets to help decrease the challenges of Post-Traumatic Stress in a way easily relatable to our front-line warriors.

Achievement of greater peace delivered with principles that utilize training from the past.

We reshape 'hardened sharp edges' to well rounded and refined transformation.


Using the exercises and techniques of Aikido - The Way of Harmonizing Energy 

(Ai-harmony / Ki-energy / Do-the path). Aikido is based on some foundational aspects that enable tools for wellness with lessons delivered through the context of an effective martial art. Here's a few of the main principles Aikido explores:

 Connection / Blending /  Shugyo = Daily Training / Agatsu = Victory over self

We'll share how to build practices like these for our warriors: 

  • Development and refinement of mental, emotional and physical centeredness.

  • Examine differences between responding vs. reacting to triggers or stimuli.

  • Learn physical movements to absorb then redirect negative resistance.

  • Daily internal habits that heal the body to enable overall wellness.

  • Design new outlooks for a positive, peaceful and energized daily life.

  • Utilize and reshape the lessons of the past to build balanced healthy awareness. 

There is no charge for this program

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